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$40,000 From Amazon In His First30 Days

Here's how one seller pulled in thousands of dollars and how you can do the same thing... with no money down.

Bob sold $40,000 worth of products on Amazon in his first 30 days.

I’m jealous of Bob.

He has a great product, but products don’t sell themselves.  

I’m Not Making This Up

Selling on Amazon requires a top-notch listing… not to mention photography, packaging design, and email follow ups that all work hand-in-hand to sell a product.  

So Bob contacted us for guidance and we said, “No problem Bob.”

Bob was sent to the front of the creative services line, and received top tier support and expert guidance from coaches that supported him through every step.

Created his listing

Crafted the email follow-up

Shot his photos

Set up a one-week

promotional giveaway

With No Money Down We Did All This For Bob

Validated his

product idea

All accomplished without Sponsored Ads, fancy tricks, or black hat magic...

Well, Bob was ranking below #300 for his keywords. but after launch he ranked on page 1… for 50 keywords!

So. . . what happened?

just an optimized title and promotional sales.

In his first 30 days, Bob’s product went from unknown to being seen by thousands and thousands of shoppers

Bob grossed ~$40,000 in sales in just one month, and he's the top seller in his category!

Yes, these are real numbers.

120-150 sales/day!

And all of this was done through Viral Launch’s Flight Crew program




Flight Crew gave Bob the resources to generate a profitable listing with these services:

Label + Package Design





And yes, Flight Crew members receive all Viral Launch tools at no upfront cost. 

Yes, you read that right… no upfront cost.

Seller Coaching





Beta Tools Access

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